Adam McLoughlin 

“My passion is helping small to large businesses create an impressive first impression though clever and well planned visual media such as photography, video and social media campaigns.

My mission is to take my clients products and services and set them apart from the competition with critical thinking and emotional presentation that appeal to human beings.  

My vision is to transform information into excitement

I enable clients to speak to the customers through engaging and emotional content at prices that are accessible to all businesses”.

I also cover events and special occasions when time allows. 



About me

Hi, My name is Adam McLoughlin and I am a freelance creative in Leeds UK.  I have worked with many brands and events as an event photographer and videographer both in the UK and in Ibiza.  I have experience in 

  • Event Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Event Video
  • Product Photography
  • Viral Marketing
  • Commercials
  • Property Photography